Home & Office Debugging Services

Home & Office Debugging Services

The Protection Masters carry out electronic counter measures to detect covert surveillance equipment (“bugs”) that have been placed around you, your home, or your offices.

Offices are all shapes and sizes including cubicles, glass walls and doors, open bay and individual. All have a common thread. First of all, they contain employees, phones, computers and access to everything about your business. For that reason, our professionally trained technicians are experienced with each type of office. Due to the various types of offices, eavesdropping devices easily hidden and difficult to find.

Do We Need Office Bug Sweeps?

Your business depends on the security of intellectual property and protection of client information. Because it matters, our team uses professional eavesdropping detection equipment to locate any covert devices. Eavesdropping devices include audio, video, keystroke loggers, wiretaps and portable mass storage units. These devices are difficult to locate due to their small size and portability. Due to advancements in technology and their inexpensive cost, there is a dramatic increase of spying.

Bug Location & “Debugging”

Our experts use advanced debugging equipment combined with investigative know-how to locate bugs that may have been placed by an unsavory competitor, an insecure spouse, or greedy family member.

Bugs can be hidden in a variety of places:

  • Home
  • Vehicles
  • Personal Belongings

  • Business (single offices to entire buildings)
  • Computers (also see computer forensics)
  • Phones

Reasons Bugs are Used

Bugs may be used for many reasons. In every case the purpose is to spy on another person or party to gain information or evidence. We find bugs are commonly used by the following persons or groups:

  • A business competitor who wants insight into your business or wants to steal your business assets or product ideas.
  • An insecure or suspicious significant other
  • Thieves, kidnappers, or other ill-meaning parties

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