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Undercover Investigations

In today’s world of high technology and trade secrets, criminals are getting more and more savvy. Detecting criminal activity to protect companies from being exploited and their products compromised requires extreme measures and a great deal of experience.

It may require the use of a private detective with specialized, discreet investigative techniques. If you have observed concerning behavior or are suspicious about behavior in your workplace and want to determine whether your instincts are right, the undercover private investigators at Protection Masters Private Investigators Kenya want to help you.

What Happens in an Undercover Investigation?

At Protection Masters Private Investigators Kenya, we take pride in training and producing the highest qualified private detectives in our field. We work tirelessly gathering information discreetly within the client company, gaining the trust of other employees, and working to determine whether or not there is a risk or plot being formed.

Basically, an undercover operation requires that our private detective apply for a job at the company hiring our services, just like any other candidate. He or she goes through the same hiring procedure and the client makes sure that our investigator is hired. Once he or she is “hired,” our investigator goes through the normal workday like any other employee, but takes careful notes of the day-to-day activities of the other employees.

The investigator focuses on a certain employee if necessary, and observes how all employees are performing their jobs. Are they taking long breaks, sleeping or doing drugs, or even sabotaging a machine? Our private detective writes a daily report for the client and sends it to the client’s home address in order to safeguard the security of the undercover assignment.

The goal of undercover investigators is to remain covert during the course of the assignment so no one is aware of the investigation. Covert investigations are an investment in time — they last a minimum of three months. This length of time is necessary to ensure that the agent can insert himself or herself into the employee position and form a bond with employees without being obvious, rather than storming in and asking a lot of intrusive questions right away.

Undercover Surveillance in Kenya

If you own a company in Kenya and are suspicious that something isn’t quite right, Protection Masters Private Investigators can help you know for certain if you are being victimized by:

  • Fraudulent activity
  • Employee theft
  • Misuse of company equipment

  • Employee substance abuse
  • Industrial espionage

These actions carry heavy penalties because of their potential damage to a workplace. In addition to investigating the suspected illegal activities, our detective will evaluate other aspects of the working environment that directly affect your bottom line, such as:

  • Dishonesty
  • Inventory shortages
  • Drug and alcohol usage
  • Operational weaknesses

  • Poor employee relations
  • Drug dealing
  • Sabotage
  • Threats of violence

No one deserves to experience a failure because of employee sabotage. Protection Masters Private Investigators will help you find out who is targeting your business so the problem can be dealt with swiftly.

Undercover Investigation Services

Choosing a Kenyan detective who will give you numerous high-quality services can be a tall order, but we are confident that our highly trained and certified investigators can:

  • Perform an impartial, inconspicuous investigation
  • Track suspects and materials
  • Institute emergency violence prevention programs
  • Run security and system evaluations
  • Conduct background checks on employees
  • Undertake pre-employment investigations

  • Analyze policies and procedures
  • Question employees subtly
  • Perform interviews and interrogations
  • Gather statements from suspects and witnesses
  • Write a thorough and unbiased report about the investigation

Why Choose Protection Masters Private Investigators?

All companies experience issues in running the business and handling employee behaviors and disputes. These can be as small as stealing office supplies and merchandise, stealing time by inflating one’s break time, or not reporting sick leave and vacation properly; or as harmful as internal sabotage or violence toward the facility or people. All these issues are important, and the methods and speed with which they are handled can dictate the success or failure of a company.

At Protection Masters Private Investigators, we are committed to helping you maintain the security of your company while helping you collect the necessary information through an undercover investigation. We help you confirm or disprove your fears, and if confirmed, we can help you bring the guilty persons to justice. We communicate closely with our undercover investigators to ensure a successful outcome to the assignment. 

We guarantee confidentiality for every client. Furthermore, we promise to employ discreet and clever investigators who are properly equipped with the strategies and equipment to catch the suspect in action.

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