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Due to the fast development of cheap and available technologies, there has been a dramatic increase of spying.

Covert surveillance equipment or bugs are being used for many reasons by a business competitor, a suspicious partner, or a thief, be it at home, be it in your office or elsewhere. In every case the purpose is to spy on another party to gain information or evidence.

We carry out electronic counter-measures to detect bugs.

Debt Collection Services

We organizations collect past due invoices, unpaid rents, court-ordered judgments and more. If someone owes you or your organization money we can help you get paid.
  • Speed: Increase your cash-flow by retaining the services of a professional team
  • High success rate: we use latest technology to quickly identify and find the people owing you money
  • Harassment free collection: we obey prevailing law and to not use abusive,    unfair or deceptive practices to collect any debts.
  • We have special expertise in the collection of business debts, mortgages, credit  card debt, medical debts
  • Compensations: our corporate clients do not pay for our work, only for our    success

Family Matters

Great Russian author Leo Tolstoy observed in his master novel “Anna Karenina” that “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.” We don’t quite agree with him as we believe the very same issues plague many families. These are, among others, violence, infidelity / cheating, inheritance, succession matters, and children custody.

Our experience tells us if your gut is telling you that there is something wrong, then there probably is. Infidelity, other problems. Good or bad, you deserve to know the truth.

As for unfaithfulness, warning signs of a cheating partner:

  • Starts to work late. Unaccountable time.
  • Starts to go out with “friends” or finds a new group of friends
  • Starts to care about appearance (wears cologne / perfume; working-out; new clothes)
  • Receives hang-up phone calls
  • Hides mobile phone bills, keeps phone on vibrate / mute or hides and even “guards” phone
  • Excessive texting, always seems to be checking the phone
  • Excessive use of the computer- constantly checking email inbox
  • Accuses you of cheating or says “it’s in your imagination” or you are “sick & need help”
  • No longer wears wedding ring. Says “I lost it” or “it doesn’t fit anymore”
  • Lack of interest in intimacy and / or introduces new sexual behavior
  • Starts arguments just prior to leaving the house

Contact us for a free and confidential consultation. We customize the investigation strategy to meet your specific situation. Our investigations are strictly confidential and are conducted professionally and tactfully. Our solutions are accurate and fact based.