Person to eavesdrop on

Companies regularly experience issues in running their business and handling employees’ behaviors and disputes. These challenges can be as small as stealing office supplies and merchandise, stealing time by inflating one’s break time, or not reporting sick leave and vacation properly; or as harmful as internal sabotage or violence towards the company’s facilities or people. All these issues are important, and the methods and speed with which they are being handled can dictate the success or failure of a company.

Our investigators can help you collecting necessary information to either confirm or to disprove your concerns about potentially illegal, inappropriate or other behaviors within your work force which potentially can affect the performance of your company in areas such as:

  • Fraudulent activity
  • Employee theft
  • Misuse of company equipment
  • Employee substance abuse or drug dealing
  • Industrial espionage
  • Sabotage
  • Threats of violence
  • Dishonesty
  • Inventory shortages
  • Operational weaknesses
  • Poor employee relations

Some of these misbehaviors carry heavy penalties.  We can help you bring the guilty persons to justice.

Covert investigations are an investment in time — they typically last several months. This time is needed as the undercover agents typically indulge to the organization of our clients as regular employees to perform an impartial, inconspicuous investigation, to track suspects and materials, to institutionalize emergency violence prevention programs, to run security and system evaluations, to conduct background checks on employees, to analyze policies and procedures, to interview and interrogate employees subtly, to gather statements from suspects and witnesses, and to eventually summarize the  findings in an unbiased report.